Our Company

Star Distribution was established in London in 2002. Having realised that there was a demand for continental confectionary in the British market our aim was to be able to supply and distribute the widest variety of cakes to the consumer. In order to achieve this goal we had to identify which continental products were most favoured. After several years of working closely with manufacturers from around the world and gaining valuable experience we decided to unify the fastest and most popular selling products under our own trade name, thus the brand “Cake Zone” was born.

Cake Zone rapidly became a pioneer in the continental cakes market, and is one of the brands responsible for introducing some of the well known and favoured cakes that we consume today.

Star Distribution is the only company in its field to stock the largest variety of products. We stock over 300 types of continental cakes in our 15,000 square foot warehouse based in Barking and are constantly increasing our range by introducing new products. Our high volume of sales allows us to maintain our competitive prices.